Machine knitting is fun, fast, and rewarding!

Over the years I’ve done a lot of knitting, both by hand and by machine. With a knitting machine, you can knit a sweater in an evening!

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Superba S47 Knitting Machine. Made in France to the S.I.T. standard (Standardisation Internationale de Tricotage), these machines were sold under various names at various times: Phildar and White among them. All have 5mm needle spacing, slightly wider than the Japanese standard of 4.5 mm, which means that they will knit slightly larger yarn -- up to DK weight. This machine is a true double bed machine, meaning that you can knit double-sided jacquard, and more, in addition to ribbing. The electronic programmer is a 16 x 16 pressure pad grid that allows almost infinite programming possibilities. Included is all the standard equipment + many extras and accessories: knitting retainer for single bed knitting (eliminates most need for weights), lamp, Pattern Driver charting device with charting paper, garter/lace transfer carriage, intarsia carriage, weights (2 large + 3 small), cast-on combs (50 stitch, 150 stitch, and full width), claw weights, transfer tools, cleaning brushes, ravel cord in bobbins, extra needles, needle pusher, cone winder + collars and cones, audio instruction tapes, all manuals and instruction books including a stitch pattern book. Since I was also a Superba/White knitting machine dealer, there are also included three different service manuals that include step-by-step instructions, exploded views, and parts lists. Also included are repair parts. A special bonus is a complete notebook of 20 knitted samples. Price: $700.00 (table not included)